Spanish Evening Classes

Spanish Beginners. Mondays 7-9 pm. €90 FULLY BOOKED

9-week course beginning Monday 25th September

UNIT 1 MYSELF. Learn to introduce yourself. Greetings and goodbyes, personal details, languages, jobs, why you learn Spanish, the alphabet and pronunciation. Verbs llamarse, trabajar and ser.

UNIT 2 MY CITY. Learn to describe places. Classroom vocab, articles el/la/los/las,un, una, unos, unas, Verbs ser/estar, hay, adjectives to describe a city, numbers 1-100.

UNIT 3 MY ROUTINE. Learn to talk about your routine. Telling the time, daily activities, regular verbs -ar, -er, -ir, days of the week, months and seasons, parts of the day, verbs for each meal.

UNIT 4. MY FRIENDS. Learn to describe people. Describing personality and relationships, family members, introducing someone este/esta es…, possessive adjectives mi, tu, su…

UNIT 5. MY PLANS. Learn how to make plans. Making plans expressing your preference. Irregular verbs preferir, hacer, ver, salir, jugar, ir


Spanish Improvers. Wednesdays 7-9pm. €90

9-week course beginning Wednesday 27th September

UNIT 1 MY HABITS. Talk about your routine and habits using the present tense with regular, irregular, reflexive and stem changing verbs. Express agreement or disagreement. Expressions of frequency.

UNIT 2 MY INTERESTS. Using the verb gustar and other verbs that behave the same. Agreeing or disagreeing with the verb gustar. Quantifiers mucho, bastante, poco…

UNIT 3 ORDERING FOOD. How to order in a restaurant. Understanding a menu. Impersonal se.

UNIT 4 MY NEIGHBOURHOOD. Services in area, describing my neighbourhood. Giving directions. Prepositions of place al lado de, delante de…

UNIT 5 MY HOLIDAYS. Asking for information, the weather, Question words. Prepositions por and para.        

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Spanish Conversation. Tuesdays 7-9pm. €90

9-week course beginning Tuesday 26th September

This group is for improvers, so it is not suitable for complete beginners. It is an ideal follow-on course if you have completed the Spanish Improvers class with us previously. Every week the teacher will pick a different topic to discuss based on some specific vocab or grammar. You can continue this course for as long as you wish as the topics will be different from term to term.

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