Advanced Certificate in Fine Art

Award Title: QQI Level 6 Certificate in Art
Programme Co-ordinator: Vincent Andrews
Award Code: 6M4029
Course Code: 413679

Programme Description:

Also based at our unique Visual Arts Campus, this is a one-year, full-time programme that affords students the opportunity to further develop creativity, technical skills and artistic identity through studio work. Students may also further develop animation techniques.

Component Awards:

  • Drawing (6N3569)
  • Painting (6N3452)
  • Combined Materials (6N3587)
  • Studio Practice (6N3571)
  • History and Appreciation of Art (6N3450)
  • Fine Art Photography (6N3449)
  • Constructive Thinking Skills (6N3448)
  • Work Experience (6N1946)
  • Animation Drawing (6N4907)
  • Design Skills (6N3446)

Special Entry Requirements:

  • Successful completion of a QQI/FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Art; Art, Craft and Design; or equivalent
  • A strong and well-organised portfolio of work.


  • Based on the quality of their portfolio, students may gain advanced entry to the second year of a range of visual arts courses nationwide
  • Various progression prospects in the fields of fine art, animation, visual communication, game design, creative multimedia, illustration, photography, arts event management, visual arts teaching and art therapy


Access to an SLR digital camera is an asset for the Fine Art Photography element of this course.   

“The Advanced Certificate in Fine Art with Animation course has given me the time to truly improve my own artistic skills and knowledge. The Animation section really allowed me to explore things that I would not have had the confidence to do otherwise, such as a walk cycles and turnarounds. I’m looking forward to including this work in my portfolio for next year!”

Dylan – Advanced Fine Art