Community & Social Care

Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Community Care Programme Co-ordinator: Olive Keyes
Award Code: 5M2786
Course Code: 414269

Programme Description:

This is a one-year, full-time programme that prepares learners to work in a broad range of healthcare and community settings.

Component Awards:

  • Care Provision and Practice (5N2705)
  • Safety and Health at Work (5N1794)
  • Human Growth and Development (5N1279)
  • Communications (5N0690)
  • Work Experience (5N1356)
  • Social Studies (5N1370)
  • Care Support (5N0758)
  • Infection Prevention and Control (5N3734)
  • Nutrition (5N2006)  


  • Opportunities to progress to further and higher level education in the fields of Social Studies and Social Care
  • Care assistant positions in hospitals and nursing homes and in various community care settings
  • Progression to Level 6 programme in Early Childhood Care and Education at College of Further Education and Training, Kilkenny. 

Additional Activities:

  • Additional short courses may be offered in the areas of Fire Safety, Cardiac First Responder and Safe Breakaway Training

“Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to do was help people. I would dress my teddy bear up and pretend he was sick just to be able to look after him and make him feel better. Walking in through those College of FET Kilkenny doors each day seeing people that I didn’t know from the start, to now who are my life-long friends, it just feels amazing and don’t get me started on the amazing staff in the college! They have helped me through so much and supported me in ways I never thought anyone could. The Community Care course has equipped me with the knowledge to have empathy, respect and gratitude towards everything and everyone in my life. At the end of the day taking this course on has put the line between me as a little girl who wants to care for everyone to the caring Health Care Assistant I will become in my future!”

Gwen – Community & Social Care