Exercise, Health & Wellbeing

Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Sports, Recreation and Exercise
Programme Co-ordinator: Iva Polcic
Award Code: 5M5146
Course Code: 414258

Programme Description:

This course has been designed in response to the wellness movement that has captured the sports, recreation and exercise world. The addition of new modules such as Health Promotion and Understanding Mental Health bring a new focus which captures the importance of maintaining an active and healthy body and mind. Learners also have the opportunity to obtain the Certificate in Exercise and Fitness provided by the National Council for Exercise and Fitness and accredited by the University of Limerick (subject to numbers)

Component Awards:

  • Sports and Recreation Studies (5N2667)
  • Exercise and Fitness (5N2668)
  • Personal Effectiveness (5N1390)
  • Work Experience (5N1356)
  • Nutrition (5N2006)
  • Personal and Professional Development (5N2985)
  • Understanding Mental Health (5N3772)
  • Health Promotion (6N2214)


  • Opportunities to progress to further and higher level education in the fields of Applied Health Care, Exercise and Health Studies, Recreation and Sport Management and Health Promotion
  • Opportunities to work in gym instruction, personal training, coaching, sports retail and various health and fitness related positions
  • Opportunities to connect with organisations that are currently working across Kilkenny in sport, recreation and public health.

Additional Activities:

Additional short courses may be offered

“After spending some time considering changing careers from finance to the fitness industry I finally decided the time was right, and enrolled with College of FET Kilkenny as I knew it would afford me the opportunity to do so. During my time I have learned much and have made some great contacts that will benefit me greatly in the future. I am excited about what the future holds and really appreciate all the possibilities College of FET Kilkenny has created for me.”

Arita – Exercise, Health & Wellbeing