Fine Art (Portfolio Preparation)

Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Art
Programme Co-ordinator: Vincent Andrews
Award Code: 5M1985
Course Code: 413843

Programme Description:

Based at our unique Visual Arts Campus, this is a one year, full-time programme that enables students to express their artistic potential through a variety of artistic traditions and methods. From their own personal studio space, students learn about ideas generation and problem solving methods to develop the initiative and confidence to make art.

Component Awards:

  • Drawing (5N1862)
  • Painting (5N1302)
  • Sculpture (5N1918)
  • Design Skills (5N0784)
  • Appreciation of Art, Craft and Design (5N0755)
  • Printmaking (5N1373)
  • Digital Photography (5N1270)
  • Problem Solving (5N1615)
  • Work Experience (5N1356)

Special Entry Requirements:

Applicants will be asked to present a portfolio of work samples at interview


  • A range of programmes in visual arts and design at further and higher level institutions.
  • Various progression prospects in the fields of fine art, design, visual communication, creative multimedia, illustration, photography, arts event management, visual arts teaching, art therapy.
  • Progression to the Art Level 6 programme at College of Further Education and Training, Kilkenny.


Access to an SLR digital camera is an asset for the Digital Photography element of this course.   

“I came into the art (portfolio preparation) course with a lot of anxiety, but being around people with such dedication to their various areas of interest has really helped me to find my footing. I usually have cold feet when it comes to social interaction but the atmosphere is very chill and really relaxing and I found myself comfortable enough to go out of my way to talk to others and engage in topics of our interests. I have made incredibly fun and great friends throughout this course.
The teachers are amazing, they were very helpful and informative with the tasks they gave us along with giving us many tips and tricks for our projects. The teachers display very elegant footwork in sticking to the requirements of the state without tunnel visioning us into a particular art style but instead encouraged our art with constructive criticism which helped me stand on my own two feet with my art.
We got to get our feet wet with some new art materials as we learned about many different types of art techniques and the types of art, I did the design skills module and found it to be amazing as my friends and I would bounce ideas off of each other which ended up making each project really fun.
This art course is a great way to dip your toe into the world of higher education as it is more lenient than higher level college course, letting you walk before you run, but still more focused than the crawl of secondary school art class.
This course is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go into art as a career”

Annabelle – Fine Art (Portfolio Preparation) 2023