Mental Health Studies

Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Community Health Services  
Programme Co-ordinator: Iva Polcic
Award Code: 5M4468 
Course Code: 414280

Programme Description:

This is a one-year, full-time programme that provides an introduction to the field of Mental Health as it applies to the broad spectrum of professions. The course content covers subjects relevant to those seeking to progress to further studies in the aforementioned areas as well as the humanities field. The course may also be of interest to those with existing qualifications and skills who are looking to gain insight and understanding of how mental health theory applies to their field.  The course might be of interest to all different ages of students and can be an add on course to existing medical / social care / educational workers who have interests in mental health awareness

Component Awards:

  • Understanding Mental Health (5N3772)
  • Psychology (5N0754)
  • Human Growth and Development (5N1279)
  • Care Support (5N0758)
  • Work Experience (5N1356)
  • Safety and Health at Work (5N1794)
  • Social Studies (5N1370)
  • Personal Effectiveness (5N1390)
  • Special Needs Assisting (5N1786)


  • Opportunities to progress to a wide variety of courses at further and higher education in the healthcare, early years education, psychology and humanities fields. Employment may be obtained in a wide variety of settings, including residential care centres, community projects, youth centres, centres for young people and adults with special educational needs, nursing homes and day care centres for the elderly/aged