Tattoo Artistry

Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Creative Media
Programme Co-ordinator: Fiona Power
Award Code: 5M5048
Course Code: 413981

Programme Description:

This is a one-year, full-time programme that affords students the opportunity to develop their creativity, artistic identity, and introductory to tattoo artistry skills and knowledge. Students may further their experience in the Tattoo Industry through acquiring a work experience placement in the area. This course is a stepping stone to an apprenticeship as a Tattoo Artist, to develop a portfolio of work and to working within the Tattoo area. Progression to third level is also an option, to courses such as Art, Craft & Design or Media programmes.

Component Awards:

  • Illustration (5N1288) 
  • Drawing (5N1862) 
  • Design Skills (5N0784) 
  • Advertising (5N0748) 
  • Customer Service (5N0972) 
  • Work Experience (5N1356)
  • Digital Marketing (5N1364)
  • Safety and Health at Work (5N1794)


  • Learners have the opportunity to progress to a wide range of creative programmes at higher level.
  • Progression to an apprenticeship in Tattoo Artistry.
  • Employment opportunities in a range of disciplines such as in the Tattoo industry, Illustration, Art & Design Businesses, Art & Design Galleries and Museums, Visual Communications and in Visual Art Teaching

“This course is a good gateway for people who are interested in tattooing as a job and helps the students gain apprenticeships through work experience. I was able to increase my skills in drawing and it gives you skills in digital advertisement to promote yourself and the skills in communication to run a business or work for one. I really recommend this course for tattoo lovers who want to gain the skills of tattoo and art.”

Jackie – Tattoo Artistry